Celebrity Sighting in Norway

As I’ve mentioned before my favorite country in Epcot’s World Showcase is Norway.  As you get close there’s a smell – what I imagine all of Norway to smell like – that floats out of the Puffin’s Roost shop that I absolutely love.
There are certain smells that always bring back memories of good times past – the savory smell of grandma’s Thanksgiving feast, the piney smell of Christmas trees, the salty smell of the ocean on summer vacation – for me, the sweet smell of a certain perfume brings me right back to Disneyworld.

Puffin's Roost

Puffin’s Roost

Upon exiting Norway’s ride the Maelstrom, as with many Disney rides, the path leads through the gift shop.  There are 3 distinctly different sections of Norway’s gift shop – the first has parkas, boots and everything you need to get through a cold winter, much of the merchandise by Scandinavian brand Helly Hansen.

Section 2 has some of the less practical but more entertaining items for purchase – Viking hats with horns, mugs, hats, and all other souvenirs a Viking-lover would need. I love my sequined I <> Norge hat!!

Norge hat151

The last section is the source of that smell I love so much – a perfume shop.  I never miss a chance to douse myself in ‘Laila: The Essence of Norway,’ the women’s perfume – – but I’ve never pulled the trigger on buying because I just didn’t want to spend the money.

However, I got just the nudge I needed to make the purchase when I was there in August 2012.  We rode the Maelstrom as usual and I made my way to the store for my free spritz of perfume.  To my surprise we walked through and the creator of my favorite perfume was right there in the shop!

049 (2)Me and Gier

Gier Ness was on site to promote his perfume on his way to Hollywood for an awards show.  I was pretty impressed that he stopped to talk to us for about 10 minutes, and after he gave me a hand massage with the Laila hand lotion and told us the story behind the perfume (it’s named after his mom) how could I not buy it?!  (He even autographed the bottle!)

geir ness autograph

It was one of those unexpected ‘magical’ moments that can only happen in the bubble!


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