Back From Disney!

We just got back from our weeklong trip to Disney and it was awesome!  Our goal for the vacation was to relax which is not always easy on a Disney vacation!  But we accomplished what we set out to do and I’m excited to write down all my thoughts about the trip before they become faded memories, not to mention sorting through the 1,000+ pictures we took!

In addition to relaxation, our second goal on vacation was to try new things.  The more trips we make to Disney, the more comfortable we feel trying different things because we finally know what we’re doing.  It’s so overwhelming on the first few trips that we usually stuck to the parks – not to say that’s a bad thing because there is so much to see you can’t really cover it all in one trip.  Now that we know the lay of the land, we don’t feel as pressured to get on every ride, see every show or have table service reservations every day.  We pick and choose our favorites, which allows us time for new experiences!

A few of the new things we did on this trip were:

  • Stayed at a new resort – Port Orleans Riverside
  • Dinner at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Golfed at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course
  • Looked for Hidden Mickeys with the help of our handy guidebook
  • Did the Pirate’s  Adventure scavenger hunt at Magic Kingdom
  • Had a LeFeu’s Brew – so yummy!!
  • Used the My Disney Experience app for the first time
  • Drank a frozen beer in the Japan Pavilion of Epcot

A few things that weren’t entirely new but still surprised us:

  • Got into HS early and rode Toy Story Mania before the park officially opened
  • Ran for our lives through the most treacherous thunderstorm I’ve ever been in

And one thing we expected, but it was still shocking to the system:

  • The HEAT (but I loved it!)

Once I get everything from the trip organized I’ll write about it in more detail.  My brain is still unwinding from the overstimulation of all that time spent in the bubble!

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2 thoughts on “Back From Disney!

  1. lizinspired87 June 27, 2013 at 6:07 pm Reply

    I;m going next month! That frozen beer in the Japan Pavilion sounds awesome!

    • inthedisneybubble June 28, 2013 at 4:57 pm Reply

      Have fun! If you try the frozen beer let me know what you think – it’s different!

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