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#MagicalMondayMinute #3 – Rain Jacket at Disney World

Magical Monday Minute is a weekly quick Disney tip to help you enjoy your Disney vacation even more!

If you want to see the video version, I’ll post it on Instagram on Mondays with the hashtag #MagicalMondayMinute.  Follow me there so you don’t miss out on valuable Disney hints!

Today’s Tip: Purchase a rain jacket before your Disney vacation.  The plastic ponchos in the parks can work in a pinch, but they don’t fit well and don’t last very long.  A $20 jacket from Target has lasted me several Disney vacations and it is easier to put on and wear than a one-size-fits-all poncho.  When the rain hits (and it WILL) you’ll be glad to have a rain jacket instead of a giant piece of unmanageable plastic!!

Me wearing a poncho before I knew better

Me wearing a poncho before I knew better


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